About Us

Preliminary note

Founded in 1979, bookstore LA IDEA counts twenty-seven years of professional experience. He has published more than fifty catalogues of ancient, rare and curious books. They are part of their habitual clientele bibliophiles individuals, public and private entities, small and large national and foreign universities, and also libraries of prestige world-wide recognized, like, among others, THE Library of CONGRESS.

With this brief note you only want to credit the confidence that – throughout its trajectory of more than a quarter of a century – has known gain bookshop the IDEA, whose name is in itself guarantee of professional seriousness.

Towards a new company

During the years 2003 and 2004, bookshop the Idea acquired from the publishing company Hachette, through its subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Portugal, the total surplus of production – in the aforementioned three countries-of a product marketed between the years 2002 and 2004 With the names of “tank force” in Italy and “tank force Collection” in Spain and Portugal. These publications gathered, complete, 50 fascicles and their corresponding 50 miniatures of tanks to scale H0 1/87, publications that, during the course of one year, were sold to subscribers and kiosks weekly. This is a commercial modality (fascicle more collectible object) very widespread in Mediterranean countries of the European Community and used by many publishers.

In acquiring the aforementioned totality of the surplus of production, bookshop the Idea understood that it was to create a new company, dedicated to the modelling of military thematic to scale H0 1/87. Based on these funds (about 300,000 miniatures), in 2005 it creates 1-87 World tanks DEPOT, with the conviction that the product deserved to be known in the world of international modelling at scale H0 1/87.

1-87 WORLD Tanks DEPOT and its abbreviation 1-87 WTD are registered trademarks of the new military Modeling company at scale H0 1/87.

Also, 1-87worldtanksdepot.com and 1-87wtd.com are domains that give name to our website.

Our website, portal of our products, appears on the net the month of February 2006, coinciding with the presentation of our products at the International Toy Fair in Nürnberg: