In this section we will carry out the organization charts of the armoured and motorized formations, from its origins (1915) up to the present day, and especially from the countries with prominence in the world history of the armoured forces, whenever we have Enough information.

For the elaboration of this section we have several thousands of silhouettes in color and/or black of military vehicles of all types and epochs.

These silhouettes have been made from profiles and photographs in black and white, or from other silhouettes in color, radically transforming the vehicles in both colors and shapes. The result of all this is the production of new silhouettes that allow us to elaborate with freedom the organizational charts of the formations. From here we want to express our gratitude to the artists illustrators of military vehicles.

The silhouettes will keep a proportion of scale between them, and the vehicles present the coloration corresponding to each historical moment.

The structure of this section will be as follows:

Schematic battle orders. In this section only the main vehicles of the formations will appear, without entering especially in detail of the auxiliary units or light ones. It will be made indistinctly in black and color, from the level of company to the brigade.

Partial battle orders. This section shall be devoted to those formations of which we have incomplete or uncorroborated information. It will be made indistinctly in black and white or color, from the level of company to the brigade.

Detailed battle orders. This section will include all vehicles that conform the units, both main and secondary, both parts of artillery and trailers. It will be made only in color, from the level of company to the brigade.

Battle orders of the large units (Divisions and Army Corps). This section will be mainly dedicated to the great formations of the Second World War. It will be made only in color and, reiterated, keeping the scale and the proportion between all the vehicles that compose them. We will try to carry out all the armoured formations of the different countries participating in the Second World War in their different warring stages, both of the axis and of the Allies. We will begin by carrying out the order of Battle of a type 28-6-1944 SS-Panzer-Division. We are aware of the magnitude of this project, but it is a challenge that we want to overcome, because we have all the information and all the silhouettes that compose this great unit.

From this section we will create links with WEB pages related to these topics. We will appreciate any information or correction that is provided to us.