It gathers the collection 50 models of miniatures of tanks of scale H0 1/87, designed exclusively by Andrea miniatures.

The miniatures were manufactured in the People’s Republic of China, being destined from the beginning for sale in Europe.

Of the 50 models of tanks, assault cannons and TD that brings together our product 1-87 World tanks COLLECTION, 5 are from the First World War, 28 fought in World War II, and 17 belong to the post-war period to this day. Later we’ll open a section where we will provide historical and technical data on each of our models.

As a whole, the collection is quite representative of both the origin and the evolution of the combat tank throughout its 91 years of history.

The miniatures are made of solid resin (i.e. forming a compact piece) and metal of low melting, mainly lead, which motivates its considerable weight (higher than the miniatures to scale 1/72, assembled and painted, existing in the market), Next to the weight of the actual model reduced to scale H0 1/87. A complete collection of 50 units weighs between 7.5 and 8 kilograms.

All these miniatures of combat tanks are handmade products. Each of the specimens has been assembled and adjusted manually, which is why there is no single specimen absolutely identical to another one.

Likewise, these tanks are handmade hand-painted products one by one, always temporally in each model the same painting scheme. All of them also have the corresponding decals, which are applied manually in each one of them. Some models also present characters and/or figures painted by hand in each specimen.

All of these tanks have been painted on the entire surface, including the bottoms of the bodywork and the lower part of the chains. The relief of each chain of these combat tanks reproduces the relief of the chain of the royal Combat Tank that has served as a model. Since the cars are completely painted, it is very easy-if you want-to transform them, camouflage them, age them, etc., by applying slight patina of color on the original painting

We are going to add some anecdotal data on the 300,000 pieces that form the funds of 1-87 WORLD tanks COLLECTION, data that we believe will be quite curious:

In order of March (in row of one in background), the miniatures would reach the length of 75 kilometers, which on a real scale would amount to 6,500 kilometers.
The total weight of all the miniatures is close to 60,000 kilos (60 tonnes), weight greater than most of the actual combat tanks.
displaying 120 miniatures per square metre, you would get an area of 2.5 real square kilometers, which would mean having to walk 10 kilometers real to traverse its perimeter.

Later we will give information about the other collections that make up 1-87 WORLD tanks DEPOT.